At the ELF Project, we believe that everyone deserves to feel loved and part of a family. The terminally ill and elderly often lack the support they so desperately need to endure their trials of everyday life. It is our mission to give that support to those who do not have it through the gift of hope and community.

“You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”

We have a vision to enrich the lives of members of our community today and give them hope for tomorrow. We believe we can have the biggest impact by funding the dreams of the terminally ill and elderly. Our committee works to find those in need right here in Southeastern Idaho. We give our recipient hope for today by finding small projects we can do to enrich their lives. During this time, we work to fund the dreams of our recipient providing hope for the future. It doesn’t stop there; after we fulfill their dream, the recipient joins our committee with past recipients where they work to help make the dreams of future recipients possible.

Board Members 

Executive Board:
Melissa Poulson –President
Heather Richards –Vice President
Cheri Tensel –Secretary
Melissa Poulson –Treasurer
Jonny Fisher –Executive Director


Cheri Tensel (chair)
Brandi Merril

DaNae Young (Chair)
Jonny Fisher
Nicole Farley

Public Relations/Marketing:
Heather Richards (Chair)
Zach Spain
Alaina Bringhurst
Cheri Tensel

Project Management:
Melissa Poulson (Chair)
Christina Delong

Wrap Up:
Dominee Hall (Chair)